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                宁波j9平台学校创建于1995年,是宁波第一所集幼儿园、小学、初中、高中、国际高中于一体的民办学校,学校以“成人、成功、成材”为办学宗旨, 以“学会做人、学会生活、学会学习、学会创造”为办学目标,以“自立、自强、博学、博爱”为校训,以“标准化、精细化、人性化”为管理准则,践行“永不满足,只争第一,把生命的潜能发挥到极致”的j9平台精神,引领民办教育发展的潮流。

                Founded in 1995, Ningbo Guanghua Private School is an integration of kindergarten, primary school, junior and senior high school and international senior high school. We successfully maintain our motto--“To be mature, to be successful, to be talented”. As a school, we focus on letting the students become an upright person, live well, study hard and be creative. The school carefully acknowledges the principle of being independent, self-development, well-educated and united. The school has a successful management style that is to carry out the standard, elaborate and people-oriented. We’ve been always committed to the Guanghua Spirit that “Never stop fighting for excellence and always explore one’s upmost potential” into practice to lead the trend of private educational development.



                Covered an area of some 200 acre, Guanghua enjoys the landscape sited by the mountains, massive yet dynamic, beautiful and graceful.  Our school adopts the paramilitary mode in daily life to strengthen students’ determination and to build an independent progressive environment in moral education. Our inquiry learning pattern offers students an opportunity to learn actively. Moreover, we dedicate to art teaching to create a colorful life for students. 


                The school has a batch of domestic and foreign teachers. The senior teachers with their own field of expertise are disciplined and excellent. These young and middle aged teachers are experienced and specialized. They manage the school just like supervising their families and educate the students just like bringing up their own children.